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Can you help me sue somebody who is infringing my patent?

Patent litigation can be a very stressful and expensive. It is often difficult for non-patent attorneys to determine whether or not a patent is being infringed. USPatentLaw may be able to help you determine whether or not a competitor, importer, or manufacturer is infringing your patent. As a patent holder, you have the right to exclude others from utilizing the patent, and may have rights against those who have encouraged or induced others to infringe your patent. If you have been accused of infringement, USPatentLaw can help you explore your options and determine whether or not a federal district court is likely to rule that infingement is taking place. USPatentLaw will help you for an affordable amount, and consult with you initially free of charge. If you decide to retain USPatentLaw, the rates are on this rate. We will consider contingency cases, and partialy contingency cases.

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